213 - Confessions of a Recovering Physician
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Docs Outside The Box
213 - Confessions of a Recovering Physician
Feb 08, 2021 Episode 213
Dr. Nii Darko

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“Winning is hard when you’re not sure what the goal is.” — Doc G

What’s good everyone!

Has the thought of leaving medicine ever crossed your mind? I mean who hasn’t daydreamed about quitting their job to pursue their passion?

Maybe you thought that being a physician is your calling but— what if this calling burns you out or doesn’t make you happy anymore? Would you still stay?

In today’s episode, I got Doc G to confess with us why he left his full-time medical practice and pursued a path that really brought him joy. Doc G is a former high earning physician who is behind the medical blog, DiverseFI and the host of The Earn & Invest Podcast (Formerly What’s Up Next).

Doc G and I are going to discuss his financial freedom journey and how he put himself in a place where he can retire when he wants, do what he wants, and enjoy all of it!

These are the five main things we discussed in this episode:

  • Doc G shares his early experience with medical blogging and how he started DiverseFI
  • Shattered expectations and moving away from being a physician
  • The anxiety of knowing and feeling like that what you do isn’t for you anymore
  • Discovering your real passion, making a living out of it, and redefining success in your own terms
  • How he answers #imnotjustadoc

The Guest

Doc G was an internal medicine physician when he discovered the personal finance community through a book called The White Coat Investor.  Since then he has left clinical practice to pursue his passion for deep conversations about money and life.  

Earn & Invest | Twitter | Facebook Community | Instagram

Resources Mentioned:

GruntDoc — Ramblings of an ER Physician

DiverseFI – Personal Finance With a Twist


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