66 – I’m not just a doc. I’m a fashion designer
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Docs Outside The Box
66 – I’m not just a doc. I’m a fashion designer
Sep 03, 2018 Episode 66
Dr. Nii Darko

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Welcome back everyone. First episode of September. Where has the year gone so quickly!??! On this episode I’m speaking with Dr. Katie Deming, Board certified Radiation Oncologist who is also a successful fashion design. He label is called MakeMerry and it focuses on creating comfortable yet stylish intimates for women who suffer from sensitive skin.

Her work has been featured in notable media such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, HuffingtonPost, & Today.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The difficulty women with sensitive skin from radiation or surgery experience and why it’s hard to find comfortable and stylish intimates for them
  • How she took this problem and created a solution
  • What it was like being featured by The Today Show
  • How she handles the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur
  • Her advice to other women physicians who are entrpreneurs
  • How she answers #Imnotjustadoc




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FB Group: Female Physician Entrepreneurs



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