043 – How we slayed $662K of student loan debt in 3 years
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043 – How we slayed $662K of student loan debt in 3 years
Jan 18, 2018 Episode 43
Dr. Nii Darko

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DOTB Nation!

This past December, my wife and I finally slayed $662K in student loan debt! It was a long three year process of taking extra shifts, reducing our living expenses, and living on beans and rice (maybe even Ramen Noodles).  We got a ton of emails, Facebook messages, and Direct Messages on Twitter about how the hell we accomplished this. I strongly believe in giving you all ACTIONABLE tips on every episode. This one ain’t different.

On this episode, I’m joined by my better half –  Dr. Renee Volny-Darko. We get real as we talk the highs and lows of going 0 to 100 with our student loan payback!!

Things you’ll pick up in this episode:

  • Individual debt vs Married debt
  • Our struggle with whole life insurance
  • Developing a healthy emergency fund
  • Budgeting
  • Running the numbers
  • Importance of small wins with debt
  • The regret we had about some of the sacrifices we made

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