024 – The new face of old fashioned medicine
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024 – The new face of old fashioned medicine
May 16, 2017 Episode 24
Dr. Nii Darko

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For some time now, technology has been both disruptive and a force for change to even the most stubborn of industries. Dr. Paula Muto hopes that what Uber has done to the taxi industry, her company (UberDoc) can do to healthcare. UberDoc is a web application that makes it easy to connect patients with surgical specialists without referrals, insurance paperwork, or even long wait times.

Obviously, this is only for patients who need specialists in a semi-urgent manner. Went to the ER and told you need your Gallbladder taken out as an outpatient? How about you broke your ankle and now you need an outpatient orthopedic surgery referral. These are common issues that can be complicated by not knowing which surgeon to go to, not knowing which surgeons are covered by your insurance, and having to wait weeks to see a specialist – I think we can all relate to this!!

Dr. Muto got her undergraduate degree from Amherst College and then went to medical school at the New York Medical College. She completed her General Surgery residency at Tufts Medical Center and has additional training at Lahey Clinic for Vascular Surgery.

Things to pick up in this episode:

  • Where the idea for her company came from
  • How she convinced doctors to “buy-in” and accept patients through UberDoc
  • What’s it like trying to convince venture capitalists to invest in her company
  • Her thoughts on how UberDoc can transform healthcare delivery in the U.S.
  • Her advice for docs out there thinking of taking a leap into something outside the box but scared to do so
  • How she answers #imnotjustadoc

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