Our reality TV series debut trailer - "Doctors for Hire" - #350
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Docs Outside The Box
Our reality TV series debut trailer - "Doctors for Hire" - #350
Mar 13, 2023 Episode 350
Dr. Nii Darko

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We're trying something new, y'all! This is the trailer for the first episode of our reality TV series, Doctors for Hire.  ▶️ WATCH IT HERE ON YOUTUBE! Give us a 👍🏾 like you you enjoy it!

You'll get a glimpse of what it’s like for us to be married, have children, and be two entrepreneurial doctors living life on our own terms, while helping other doctors to do the same!

Episode 1- Dr  Renée's Locum Story
What happens when Dr. Renée tells Dr. Nii, that she wants to look for a new place to practice? Will Dr. Renée venture too far outside the box? The couple must confront what this move means for their marriage and two small children.

Sponsored by Locumstory: Learn how locum tenens helps doctors make more and have the lifestyle they deserve!. Check them out HERE!


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