Important things to negotiate in a contract #387
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Docs Outside The Box
Important things to negotiate in a contract #387
Oct 30, 2023 Episode 387
Dr. Nii Darko

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We’re back with our guest Jon Appino, founder of Contract Diagnostics. We’re going through the process of contract reviews and negotiations. Especially as we get closer to the season of residents and fellows getting their first attending jobs, this convo is one that you’re gonna wanna share out.

Things to expect in this episode:

  • Why MGMA salary numbers doesn’t tell the whole story
  • How to leverage the situation that the hospital is in to your advantage
  • Other things to negotiate other than salary
  • How to balance risk and reward in a contract negotiation
  • The scoop on restrictive covenants in a contract
  • FREE DOWNLOAD - 10 Reasons Doctors Should Definitely Hire A Contract Negotiator 


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Contract Diagnostics. A Review System Created By Physicians For Physicians. We provide data to help you review, understand, and negotiate the contract so you can feel confident in the decision. Book a FREE consultation today!