No nanny, no regrets: Why we made this choice (Locum series pt 4) #388
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No nanny, no regrets: Why we made this choice (Locum series pt 4) #388
Nov 10, 2023 Episode 388
Dr. Nii Darko

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Dr. Nii recently celebrated his 45th birthday which got him thinking a lot about the life that he’s built as a locums trauma surgeon and family man. In this locums series episode, the docs talk about how doing locums has afforded them a flexible, nanny-free lifestyle. Dr. Renée reminisces about taking maternity leave after their first baby.

Things to expect in this episode:

  • Nii’s crazy trauma surgery weekend
  • Renée’s take on being a stay-at-home OB
  • Dispelling the biggest myths about traveling and locums 
  • How doing locums can give you a raise within a few months
  • FREE DOWNLOAD - 5 Travel Benefits of Locum Tenens


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