Mudra Locker: The New Liquidity Locker Revolutionizing BSC Network

Mudra Locker: The New Liquidity Locker Revolutionizing BSC Network

May 03, 2022 jaishual
Mudra Locker: The New Liquidity Locker Revolutionizing BSC Network
Mudra Locker: The New Liquidity Locker Revolutionizing BSC Network
Show Notes

Mudra Liquidity Locker

The concept of liquidity locking has led to several platforms offering such a capability. Mudra Liquidity Locker for PancakeSwap is the latest entrant into the market. Despite being the newest liquidity locker in the market, Mudra Liquidity Locker is receiving rave reviews from the crypto community, which is not just a mere hype, according to those who have used the platform. We tried to dig deeper and here is what we found about Mudra:

1.     User-interface

There are many established Binance Smart Chain Lockers in the market today, however, token developers find it extremely difficult to navigate and use these platforms. For example, Unicrypt has some good features such as incremental locks and ownership transfer, yet the platform’s user interface is one of the clunkiest interfaces you can ever find. Their reviews are full of users complaining about its cumbersome user interface. Mudra Liquidity Locker has put more emphasis on the developer’s experience, by developing a user-friendly interface. Simple but important features like being intelligent enough to differentiate between a token address and an LP address make Mudra a highly efficient and intuitive platform.

2.     Locking fee and costs

One of the biggest challenges token developers face is the high cost of most liquidity lockers such as Unicrypt and Cryptex. For example, Unicrypt charges a high flat fee, in addition to forcing developers to burn Unicrypt utility tokens, which incurs additional costs for the developers.

However, you’ll pay the lowest fee if you lock liquidity with Mudra. And while most platforms force developers to use their utility tokens, Mudra does not engage in any such practices.

3.     Extra management features

There is a reason why Mudra Liquidity Locker is the fastest-growing BSC liquidity locker. With Mudra Liquidity Locker, you can instantly lock liquidity pool tokens, withdraw on lock duration completion, and add more tokens to the lock. You can also transfer ownership, extend lock duration without any additional charges.

As a developer, you can generate a verifiable lock certificate with a QR code and share it on your token website and social media.

The strength of Mudra Locker is also drawn from the entire Mudra ecosystem, which includes multiple offerings for crypto developers (BEP-20 token generator, PancakeSwap configurator) and investors (token research tool, token discovery tool)

Final thoughts

The growth of blockchain network BSC has removed the barrier to entry for new innovative crypto projects. This has also generated new crypto investment opportunities for everyone. However, rogue developers have also crowded BSC to run scam projects and loot investors’ money. Liquidity locking is the minimum assurance that today’s investor seeks from legit projects. Mudra Liquidity Locker has challenged legacy platforms like Unicrypt with its game-changing features and pricing. Like BSC, Mudra has removed the barriers for crypto project developers to gain legitimacy and has made liquidity locking affordable and accessible to everyone. To learn more about Mudra Locker, visit their blog.