NHC GOP's Podcast
The Legend of the Archers
Episode Artwork The Legend of the Archers 7:38 Episode Artwork Canceling Student Loans 5:38 Episode Artwork Reaching Generation Z 40:44 Episode Artwork The Republican Party And The Transgender Community 7:42 Episode Artwork Why The Republican Party Does Not Take Sides In the Primaries 5:13 Episode Artwork Individual Education Over Indoctrination: Conversation with David Perry 25:11 Episode Artwork Advocating For The Future Of Our Children: Natosha Tew 28:11 Episode Artwork Passion For Education: Conversation with Aubrey Tuell 22:59 Episode Artwork Consistent Values: Conversation with Kimberly Murphy - Republican Candidate for New Hanover Board of Education 26:19 Episode Artwork Fighting the Good Fight: Conversation with Dane Scalise 36:07 Episode Artwork Plans for the County: Conversation with John Hinnant - Republican Candidate for New Hanover County Commission 37:07 Episode Artwork Civility in Education: Conversation with Nikki Bascome, Candidate for NHC Board of Education 23:50 Episode Artwork Friday Update: Why Vote Democrat? Part 2 - Using Children 6:54 Episode Artwork Getting To Know Our Neighbors - Wilmington Municipal Elections 2023 34:52 Episode Artwork Friday Update: Why Vote Democrat? Part 1 - Crime 5:24 Episode Artwork Development, Public Safety, and Transparency: Conversation with John Lennon 27:30 Episode Artwork Infrastructure and Jobs: Podcast with Neil Anderson 36:52 Episode Artwork A State Budget With No Increased Taxes 34:48 Episode Artwork Great News From The New Hanover County Board of Education 37:50 Episode Artwork Early Voting and Keeping the Vote Honest 36:53 Episode Artwork Voter IDs and Other Election Changes 24:23 Episode Artwork Tough Decisions - Conversation with Republican Members of the NHC Board of Education 39:32 Episode Artwork Friday Update July 7 2023 - Republican Victories and Challenges 6:25 Episode Artwork Friday Update June 23 2023 Multi Tiered Justice System 3:13 Episode Artwork Friday Update - June 16, 2023 The North Carolina Republican State Convention 6:26