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How to Use ISO 27001 to Manage Cyber Attacks

July 01, 2022 Jim Mornan / Howard Fox Season 1 Episode 2
The ISO Review Podcast
How to Use ISO 27001 to Manage Cyber Attacks
Show Notes

Welcome to the ISO Review Podcast

In this episode, Howard and Jim chat about How to Use ISO 27001 to Manage Cyber Attacks. Points that will be covered during this episode and then discussed further in subsequent episodes, include:

  • What does an ISMS look like?
  • What are the benefits of an ISMS?
  • What does an effective ‘implementation Plan’ look like? and 
  • What Specific Guidance is available?

An Information Security Management System is the framework that helps organizations prepare for a cyber-attack through a process of threat assessment, monitoring and continual improvement.

A well-designed system requires that you identify potential sources of a security breach, mitigate them and provide a strong ongoing defense system for your information. An attack will happen – it’s not a case of ‘if’ it’s a matter of ‘when’.

It’s virtually impossible to predict every risk to your information and mitigate it. It is possible, however, to create and manage a system that will give you a fighting chance.

The key is preparation, detecting vulnerabilities and creating a more resilient management  system, in terms of interactions with so many layers of cyber connections. That’s where an information security management systems (ISMS) fits into your future.

Deeper awareness about what does an ISMS looks like?

  • The harmonized structure of ISO 27001 integrates perfectly with other Harmonized Standards
  • Annex A requirements, if properly implemented, help keep your information assets safe
  • Audits (Internal and External) help you find ways to improve the effectiveness of your system to keep information secure


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