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IoT Connect Podcast with Guests Brian Deutsch (Pivotal) and Glenn Lurie (Stormbreaker VC)

December 06, 2023 Robb Monkman
IoT Connect
IoT Connect Podcast with Guests Brian Deutsch (Pivotal) and Glenn Lurie (Stormbreaker VC)
Show Notes

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About Our Guests:
Brian Deustch 
Brian is the CEO of Pivotal Commware, and leads an incredible team in the forefront of next generation communications using Holographic Beamforming to harness and direct radio waves to maximize spectrum efficiency and broadband data throughput.

Glenn Lurie
Glenn most recently was the President, CEO and Board member at Synchronoss Technologies. Prior to Synchronoss Glenn served as the President and CEO of AT&T’s Mobility and Consumer Operations where he successfully grew AT&T into one of the nation’s leading wireless and consumer business. Today Glenn is a Partner at Stormbreaker VC, serves on the board of Avis Budget Group, Teal and Pivotal to name a few. 
In this episode:
• Learn about the founding story behind Pivotal and how big names like Bill Gates became involved as investors in the company. 
• Find out how Brian and Glenn met and how Glenn ended up joining Pivotal’s board of directors.
• The growing wireless demand for data – when did Brian realize there was going to be massive demand in the market? 
• What is Holographic Beam Forming (HBF) and why is this technique preferred over/against MIMO antenna techniques? 
• Learn about the Intelligent Beam Management System (IBMS) and why is it important?
• What is Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)? Why is FWA important? How does growing FWA coverage benefit mobile network operators (MNOs)? Why do operators want to grow FWA coverage?
• What are the next steps for mmWave (millimeter wave)?
• Where is Pivotal making an impact, from edge connectivity, to multifamily, to military applications.
• What the future holds and where Pivotal is taking their technology

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