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Knowing Sin with Help from the Puritans | RTP 50

April 16, 2022 Clay Kraby Season 4 Episode 50
Reasonable Theology Podcast
Knowing Sin with Help from the Puritans | RTP 50
Show Notes

The subject of sin is not a comfortable topic for study or discussion. Even so, there is great value in understanding the problem of sin, as it is by having a right understanding of the problem we are able to effectively fight against it and appreciate what Christ has done for us.

On this episode of the podcast we are joined by Mark Jones, who uses his knowledge of the works of the Puritans to guide others into a greater understanding of the problem of and solution to our indwelling sin.

Mark Jones is the author of the book Knowing Sin: Seeing A Neglected Doctrine Through The Eyes Of The Puritans.

I trust that you will find this conversation an encouragement to renew your fight against sin while relying more fully on the finished work of Jesus Christ to do so.

On This Episode We’ll Discuss:

  • Why Mark wanted to write a book on the topic of sin
  • How the Puritans can help us better understand our sinfulness and Christ’s provision for our weakness
  • Particular Puritan works that we can all benefit from
  • How the average Christian misunderstands sin
  • The differences between sins of omission and sins of commission
  • How having a greater understanding of sin deepens our Christian life
  • Encouragements we have from Puritan works for fighting sin

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