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Reaching the Next Generation | RTP 16 with Sean McDowell

April 22, 2019 Clay Kraby Season 2 Episode 16
Reasonable Theology Podcast
Reaching the Next Generation | RTP 16 with Sean McDowell
Show Notes

It is no secret that young people raised in the church often leave when they get out of High School. As this trend has worsened, we are seeing an entire generation becoming disengaged from the church.

Many Christians see this trend and want to become better at presenting ancient truths to a new generation with unique challenges and obstacles. But how can we get through to "Generation Z" in our increasingly secular culture?

Listen as our guest Sean McDowell discusses how parents, teachers, and ministry leaders can help the next generation understand and embrace a biblical worldview.

On This Episode We'll Learn:

  • Why Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace wrote their new book So the Next Generation will Know
  • What makes Generation Z unique
  • Why young people often leave the church
  • The three front line groups that can address this negative trend
  • How parents, ministry leaders, and teachers can reach young people with the Gospel

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