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RefToons: An Interview with Paul Cox | RTP 52

May 11, 2022 Clay Kraby Season 4 Episode 52
Reasonable Theology Podcast
RefToons: An Interview with Paul Cox | RTP 52
Show Notes

If you spend much time on social media, you've likely come across RefToons - cartoons depicting figures from church history such as Calvin, Owen, Spurgeon, and many more.

RefToons exists to preserve the legacy of theologians of the past by producing humorous and thought-provoking comic strips that bring clarity to various biblical teachings through visual storytelling.

On this episode of the podcast we talk with Paul Cox, the artist behind RefToons, to learn about how his love for deep theology inspires his creative work.

Along the way we'll also talk about the importance of church history, the value of catechisms, and which person is Paul's favorite one to draw.

On this Episode We'll Discuss:

  • How Paul became a cartoonist
  • How RefToons got its start
  • The impact older works from pastors and theologians have had
  • The process of creating a RefToon comic
  • Why merging humor and theology is helpful in our social media age
  • The importance of catechisms and how Paul's illustrated Baptist and Westminster Catechisms came to be
  • Paul's favorite person to draw and what he hopes to create in the future

See the Show Notes, including a video of our conversation and some of the RefToons comics at

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