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Yes, You Can Learn Greek or Hebrew (or Both!) | RTP 53

May 24, 2022 Clay Kraby Season 4 Episode 53
Reasonable Theology Podcast
Yes, You Can Learn Greek or Hebrew (or Both!) | RTP 53
Show Notes

If you've sat under a good preacher or have opened a good commentary, you are aware that there is a depth to the original languages of Scripture that can sometimes be difficult to capture in our English translations.

But have you ever considered learning biblical Greek or Hebrew yourself?

Our guest today says this is not only highly beneficial for your study of Scripture but is also entirely possible - even if you are not a whiz with learning languages.

His name is Ryan Martin and he is the founder and lead instructor for, an online school that offers affordable and accessible courses in New Testament Greek and Old Testament Hebrew.

Listen as we discuss the many benefits of learning a biblical language, why having a command of Greek or Hebrew is not as difficult as you might think, and tips for picking up a language more quickly.

On This Episode We’ll Discuss:

  • The value of learning a biblical language
  • Why Greek and Hebrew are not just for pastors and seminary students
  • How you can learn a biblical language in as little as 3 hours a week
  • Why learning Greek and Hebrew might not be as difficult as you think
  • Tips for learning a biblical language more effectively

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Use promo code THEOLOGY at for 10% off your Greek or Hebrew classes!

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