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Introducing Christianity to Mormons | Ep. 60

September 08, 2022 Clay Kraby Season 4 Episode 60
Reasonable Theology Podcast
Introducing Christianity to Mormons | Ep. 60
Show Notes

How can you introduce the Christian faith to someone who thinks they already are Christian? My guest on this episode is from Mormonism Research Ministry, which is dedicated to reaching current and former Mormons with the true Gospel.

Eric Johnson has been a student of Mormonism since 1987 and has written a number of books on this unique area of evangelism, including Sharing the Good News with Mormons which we had a conversation back on episode 5 of the podcast.

His latest book is Introducing Christianity to Mormons: A Practical and Comparative Guide to What the Bible Teaches where he compares and contrasts Mormon views with the teaching of God’s Word.

In this episode we’ll discuss how the doctrines of the Latter-Day Saints differ from Scripture, why a significant number of Mormons are not only leaving Mormonism but are abandoning religion altogether, and how we can effectively challenge their views with Scripture when they believe the Bible is true only “as far as it has been translated correctly.”

We will also get into some of the very, very different theological views on God and Jesus Christ that Mormon missionaries typically won’t get into when they knock on your door and discuss a game plan for how we can witness to Mormons that we interact with.

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