Reasonable Theology Podcast

Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible | Ep. 88

March 12, 2024 Clay Kraby Season 6 Episode 88
Reasonable Theology Podcast
Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible | Ep. 88
Show Notes

The responsibility of imparting biblical wisdom to our kids is both a privilege and a challenge. How can we help our children not only learn about the Bible but grow to love it?

Danica Cooley, an award-winning children's author and Bible curriculum developer, joins us on the Reasonable Theology Podcast to share her insights on this crucial topic. With years of experience and a passion for raising biblically literate children, Danica provides practical advice for parents feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of discipling their children.

Drawing from her book, "Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible," and her own family's journey, Danica emphasizes the significance of making God's Word a central part of our daily lives.

We'll Explore:

⦿ How to start family worship even if it wasn't part of your own upbringing
⦿ Strategies for moving from sporadic Bible reading to consistent family devotion
⦿ Techniques for engaging children of various ages in meaningful conversations
⦿ Creative ideas for helping younger kids engage in Bible study
⦿ Effective Bible memorization methods tailored to different learning styles

Discover the simplicity behind teaching scripture at home, overcoming the common fears and obstacles many Christian parents face in helping their kids read, memorize, and understand Scripture.

Whether you're just contemplating how to introduce scripture to your little ones or seeking to deepen existing family worship practices, you are sure to gain some practical tips and helpful encouragement.

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