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When Prayer is a Struggle | RTP 41

August 16, 2021 Clay Kraby Season 3 Episode 41
Reasonable Theology Podcast
When Prayer is a Struggle | RTP 41
Show Notes

On this episode of the Reasonable Theology podcast we speak with Kevin Halloran about his new book, "When Prayer is a Struggle: A Practical Guide for Overcoming Obstacles in Prayer."

Listen as Kevin Halloran shows how gospel truths speak to your prayer struggles, diagnoses issues of the heart that hinder true prayer, and gives practical tips for moving forward.

We'll talk about common struggles we all face in our prayer lives and resources for overcoming them.

On this episode we’ll discuss:

  • How Kevin's own prayer struggles led to his new book
  • The most common struggles we face in praying
  • Immediate steps we can take to strengthen our prayer lives
  • How praying through Scripture can help us (and the '3 R' method for doing it)
  • Practical tools we can use to overcome our prayer struggles

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