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HLT112 Zach Ingrasci

September 03, 2022 Kevin Lynch Season 1 Episode 112
The Historic Lynwood Podcast
HLT112 Zach Ingrasci
Show Notes

Ninety million. That is the figure, in American dollars, that Zach Ingrasci, his partner Chris Temple and the crew at have already raised .  That money has come from their documentary filmmaking efforts.  Most appropriately, their NPO mission statement calls their work 'Films with Impact'. To further detail their creative philanthropy;  first they survived for two months on $1 a day in Guatemala. Soon after, they lived in a tent in a Syrian refugee camp.  And most recently,  released a 10 year film documenting the journey of an undocumented boy in New York City.  Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci are award-winning filmmakers and activists, who on-stage, demystify some of the world’s most complex situations — leaving audiences more connected and empowered to make a difference.

As co-founders of the non-profit Optimist, Chris and Zach have created over 15 films and series that have raised $91.5 million dollars for the films’ causes — changing over 329,000 lives. Their films have been released globally by Netflix, Amazon, HBO National Geographic, and The Atlantic.

On September 24, Zach and crew will show their three short docs, The Undocumented Lawyer,  Rosa These Storms and debut their latest work,  Free to Care,  on the big screen at the Historic Lynwood, after which we'll host a Q&A with the directors and producers as well as special  guest speaker Tara Simmons.  As the feature presentation they'll also screen a special anniversary video capturing their decade of success on the world stage.  Be prepared to be inspired!

The Free to Care synopsis:  A single mother with a passion for nursing, Lisa Creason wanted the freedom to pursue her dreams. When an unjust law prohibited her from doing so, she took the fight into her own hands and ended up opening doorways for thousands like her.

Tara Simmons was was recently elected to serve as Congresswoman in Washington's District 23, position 1.  Her path to the  political arena was also filled with seemingly impossible challenge.  I, for one, look forward to the story of her journey.

Tickets for the one-time event can be found at https: or as a link from our homepage at

Hope to see you there for this special night with Zach, Chris and Tara. Saturday Sept 24, from 5-6:30PM at the Historic Lynwood Theatre.  Here is the schedule of events (Be sure go get here early!)

5:00pm- Start

Brief Welcome and Introduction by Zach & Chris

5:05pm- Film screenings: 

1. Rosa These Storms

2. The Undocumented Lawyer

3. Free to Care

5:50pm- Q&A 

Zach, Chris and Tarra will be on stage for a brief Q&A

6:20pm- Final video

World Premiere of our 10 year anniversary video and campaign


Additionally, you can always reach me at our Theatre line, 206.451.4336.

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