Bring a Bucket: Choice at Camp
The Summer Camp Society Podcast
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The Summer Camp Society Podcast
Bring a Bucket: Choice at Camp
Nov 07, 2023 Season 2 Episode 12
The Summer Camp Society

Would you want Elsa's powers given the chance? Given the choice?

Host EmJ Juszczyk is joined by Sami Eron, Dave Leveille, and Caitlin Carroll to talk choices at camp! This crew is all cooped up in the recording studio to give ways you can integrate choice into your camps and programs.

Dave shares how choice is created at his camp and their "beehive" and Sami learns ideas she could bring to her camps, even though they run for one week at each site. They dive into what happens when you have 7 year olds play gaga ball with 17 year olds, and why buckets are on EmJ's shopping list. Before EmJ heads out, special guests Maeve and Mike join the podcast to talk Elsa, Juno and giant swings! You won't want to miss what happens when you give a 4 year-old a microphone. 

If you're looking for a new mindset regarding camper based decisions and designing a camp for all, this is the pod for you. 

Producer EmJ's Takeaways:

  1.  Make sure you know how to set up recording studios. So sorry. 
  2.  Choice can be as simple as real time decision making. 
  3. All boards can be a Buddy Board if you make them that way. 


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