Rethinking the Counselor Role
The Summer Camp Society Podcast
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The Summer Camp Society Podcast
Rethinking the Counselor Role
Nov 14, 2023 Season 2 Episode 13
The Summer Camp Society

You're going to need your chai tea for this one. 

Host EmJ sits down with host Jack AND host Allison to record at the Children's Oncology Camping Association Conference! They're back in person to talk about how much harder it is to be a camp counselor now more than ever before. That's right, they went there. Jack and Allison discuss hiring one more staff vs giving staff raises, stoplight scheduling, and letting staff pick their responsibilities. Allison shares a few hot takes about what staff should actually be learning, as well as what critter races are.

If you're looking for hot takes that give a fresh perspective on the camp counselor role from people who aren't camp counselors, this is the pod for you. 

Producer EmJ's Takeaways:

  1. Can we change the schedule to be better for staff and campers?
  2. Figure out how to do do more of what you love & less of what you don't love. Same for your staff.
  3. We don't know where AI is going, but we're along for the ride. 
  4. Give Allison a chai tea before recording.

Show Notes:

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