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Curls and Camp
Apr 23, 2024 Season 2 Episode 29
The Summer Camp Society

WE'RE BACK BABBYY. After a little spring break, EmJ reclaims the mic and sits down with Simone Gamble, Jessica Tingle, and Sabrina Alvarado to talk different hair textures at camp. All three guests grew up going to camp and often found themselves left to their own devices when it came to maintaining their hair. The three share experiences that played a part in their hair journeys and cultivate a long list of reasons hair and hygiene affirming practices should be taught during your staff training, among so so much more.

If you're looking for a real conversation about what camps can get right with camper hair care and hygiene, this is for you. 

Producer EmJ's Takeaways:

  1. We don't have enough time to get into how deep this conversation goes! Start with this podcast, and then call a friend and then talk more about and then do something about it. 
  2. More mirrors at camp.
  3. It probably costs more to overnight combs to camp -- just order them now (: 


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