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HoofNit with Inspiration Ranch
HoofNit with Inspiration Ranch 23:11 HoofNit with Best of America By Horseback - Del Shields 27:07 HoofNit with Dan and Marie LaRock from Rock Ranch 27:07 2023 Seen Through Horses Campaign with Lynn and Tyler 20:30 A Different View Equine Center with Sarah Douglas 30:09 HoofNit Podcast with Catilin Erickson Horses For Healing 26:33 HoofNit Podcast with Bettina Schultz - Jobe & Natural Lifemanship 31:45 Tracy Boone - Elijah's Path 29:07 HoofNit Podcast with Beth Russell, Serenity Life Resources 12:41 HoofNit with Cheryl Eriksen - Follow Me Friend 31:43 HoofNit Podcast with Jayne Hamilton - Living Life Ranch 22:43 HoofNit Podcast with Elaine Davis - Unbridled 34:57 Cheryl Meola, PhD, LCMHCS, NCC editor of Integrating Horses into Healing 9:05 Seen Through Horses with Lynn Thomas & Tyler Brklacich - Horses for Mental Health 14:46 HoofNit Podcast with LE Quarter Horses and Cattle Company 7:00 Equifest of Kansas 2023 THAT'S A WRAP! Jamin with Justine Staten 4:06 HoofNit Podcast is back with Debbie Cappock & Walkadonk Acres at Equifest of Kansas 2023 3:34 HoofNit Podcast with Wade Waddle - Marshall of Saline County Mounted Patrol & Rescue 8:17 HoofNit Podcast and Russ Brown with the Kansas Horse Mafia at Equifest of Kansas 2023 9:34 HoofNit Podcast with Riley Olson - RPM Ranch 6:44 HoofNit Podcast with Rex Buchman, Clinician "Staying Safe in the Saddle on the Trail" at Equifest of Kansas 2023 10:17 HoofNit Podcast with Larrynn Braun - Plainville Princess at Equifest of Kansas 2023 3:27 HoofNit Podcast with The Pegasus Riders at Equifest of Kansas 2023 6:49 HoofNit Podcast with NATRC Region 6 Sarah Smith & Ruby Rinne Equifest of Ks 2023 6:41 HoofNit Podcast with Mark Johnson - Major Sponsor Land Pride Great Plains 6:10