DAO Talk

the token episode part 2 || DT Weekly Ep. 32

January 26, 2023
DAO Talk
the token episode part 2 || DT Weekly Ep. 32
Show Notes

after months & months of beating down on governance tokens the DAO talk bois offer some reprieve: welcome to the governance token rebrand episode. frisson & tommy get real technical on essential DAO governance mechanisms & ethereum upgrades but bring it home with some classic DAO thought-boi takes & badass Tally upgrades.

welcome to DAO talk.
topics covered:
-"Yes, it probably does need a token" tweet thread
-SEC charges Mango Markets Hacker (Avraham Eisenberg)
-2023 ethereum upgrades
-pure immutability is insanity (ameen of reflexer, chainlinkgod)
-Aave governance votes on-chain to activate V3.0.1
-all the Tally news, upgrades, & content
SEC Indictment: https://twitter.com/SECGov/status/1616531972020469781?s=20&t=oRmP-btVoAmhI1zi50qOnQ
Governance Token Thread: https://twitter.com/0xdoug/status/1616315513231089664?s=20&t=NfCr2F0R2i4_7ekHs-Sc2g
Bardo Bloom SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-678819734-834430559
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