DAO Talk

the on-chain renaissance || DT weekly ep. 35

February 16, 2023
DAO Talk
the on-chain renaissance || DT weekly ep. 35
Show Notes

this week DAO talk weekly turns 35, frisson & tommy walk you through the beginnings of the on-chain renaissance,  and all the hottest on-chain proposals get the DT treatment. ETH denver is quickly approaching, make sure you're plugged into to everything DAOs before the big week.

welcome to DAO talk.
topics covered:
-uniswap x arbitrum proposal
-nouns DAO proposal to stake 5% of treasury on lido
-optimism launches on-chain governance portal
-best of this week's DAO twitter
-DAOs at Denver event preview (February 28th, 2pm-6pm)

sam's tweet & mirror article: https://twitter.com/samanthajmarin/status/1623783090198925313?s=20&t=MPXn5bThJMxmlDXmq4K-ig
DAOs @ denver tickets: https://www.daosatdenver.xyz/
GFX tweet: https://twitter.com/labsGFX/status/1625880941385187329?s=20
optimism portal:https://twitter.com/OptimismGov/status/1624124525230030848?s=20&t=weTswGerGIOHBR6J3pu_eA
radar: https://twitter.com/Radarxyz/status/1626266064236564481?s=20

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