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November 11, 2018 Season 1
Quirky Voices Presents
Quirky Voices Presents
Nov 11, 2018 Season 1
Sarah Golding
A muster of poems and letters and musings on World War One to commemorate the 100 years since the end of that terrible conflict.
Show Notes

It is 100 years Ago today when the guns and bombs and terror and violence and bloody and tragic war officially ceased across the World. 'The Great War'. Nothing great about it. Senseless waste of human life. Terrible, horrible time in our history - and what have we learnt? Why are we still so terrible to each other?

This is my respectful nod to those who served and still serve their country. Through poetry, letters and musings on various aspects of war, the home front, and those who fought, and those left at home, I present a muster of things for you to muse, and hope that it inspires folks to think of being a better person in this crazy crazy often hate fuelled world. Ignorance is a terrible thing. We need to rally to support and understand each other better, to live our one life the best we can. Good luck.

Music is MOURNING SONG by the immensely talented Kevin Macleod - which you can hear here....  with creative commons license here and find more of his work here

To those who fought and fight and represent our country...thank you...It Is a shame we even need armies and service men and women, but humanity cannot seem to get on with all its' rich diverse culture, gender, creed....perhaps, if we start with bettering ourselves, we can but hope it rubs off on others...

We will remember them.

Thank you for listening

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