Intimacy Evolution

Couples Retreat - Part 2

July 12, 2022 Episode 6
Intimacy Evolution
Couples Retreat - Part 2
Show Notes

Mark & Bri are back with the second part of their Couples Retreat experience. They cover the crunchiness that came up during their Intentional Date Night, then wait until you hear about their experience on Saturday!

It started with an Erotic Blueprint expert, Kayce Neill, who gave the couples a deeper understanding of their blueprints, as well as their shadows. She then shared how partners that may be opposite blueprints can still support one another and find a way to blend their two blueprints so each partner has a fulfilling & pleasurable experience.

After that it was time for Kimi Inch, Conscious Kink expert, somatic therapist and professional Dominatrix! Kimi has created a unique blend of somatic therapy techniques with kinky activities, allowing one to explore their fantasies & sexuality opening them up to access more pleasure, growth and healing. Kimi demonstrated how to create a safety container, the roles of "leader and follower", how impact play can be healing and so much more!

The last facilitator for the afternoon was Vulnerability Coach and Rope Expert, Rina Trevi. Bondage may seem intimidating or even carry some negative connotations with it, but Rina showed the couples how it can help create a space for connection as well as healing. 

To close the night, there was a Bioenergetic Movement & Sensual Dance Party. The couples embraced their archetypes and got to express themselves in a fun, playful atmosphere, free from judgment, which was so liberating.

Mark & Bri also share some tips on how to acclimate from the "let down" period after any trip or experience.  There is a dopamine depletion that occurs after a vacation, holiday, etc. can leave one feeling a little "bummed" or saddened that it's over, and then you have to jump back into life. Make sure you allow time for yourself to integrate back into "real life".

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Facilitators mentioned in this episode:
IG: Kimi Inch- Conscious Kink
IG: Rina Trevi- Rope Expert & Vulnerability Coach
Sex & Love Co - facilitators of the Couples Retreat