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What Being a Latina Therapist Means To Me
What Being a Latina Therapist Means To Me 20:50 SEO, AI & Digital Marketing for Therapists with Kristie Plantinga 45:04 Imposter Syndrome as Therapists & Entrepreneurs with Pearl Bryant of Pinnacle of Purpose Counseling 40:00 Transformative Trauma Therapy & the Ripple Effects of Healing with Diana Anzaldua 44:56 Breathwork for Business Owners with Amy Kuretsky 46:19 The Leadership Balancing Act — Accountability, Authority & Learning with Level Up Leaders 56:37 Decolonizing Mental Health & Building a Business from an Empowered Mindset with Dr. Ebony Butler 48:58 Getting the Business Support You Need with Valerie Rivera 50:05 Building a Brand That Lasts with Kristin Moses 54:37 Profit First for Therapists with Julie Herres 33:15 How to Manage Difficult Emotions With or About Your Team 24:46 Running a Group Practice — Then & Now 18:06 How to Set Up Profit First for Your Therapy Practice 21:58 How to Plan for Maternity Leave in Private Practice 20:16 Money, Money, Money — Answering all your financial questions about running a business 25:12 End of Year Reflections for Private Practice Owners & Entrepreneurs 24:12 The CEO Mindset — How to build & maintain an empowered team in your practice with Brandy Mabra 40:36 It’s been a minute! Checking in with all things Brave & Well 18:21 How to start a support group in private practice 23:50 How to create accessible care for clients while running a profitable business 35:21 How to build passive income as a therapist — lessons from managing multiple businesses 33:07 3 ways to get ready for the fall season in your private practice 19:54 Knowing yourself inside and out — counseling & somatic practice with Bernadette Chavez Piñon 49:29 Evolving as an entrepreneur & a parent — From full-time job to group practice to taking my first maternity leave 27:29 Expanding from solo to group practice — The best (and worst) decisions I’ve made in my counseling business 24:53