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Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics with Radu Palamariu
#31: Zvi Schreiber CEO at Freightos
November 20, 2018 Radu Palamariu

Today I am happy to have with us Zvi Schreiber CEO at Freightos.  Freightos is an online freight marketplace and SaaS software to usher the logistics industry into the digital era, making global shipping faster, more cost-effective and smoother. Simply put, like Expedia or Kayak for the shipping industry. With Investors including GE Ventures and the Singapore Exchange they raised $94.4 million. And currently have around 200 employees and six offices across the United States, Asia and the Middle East.

Zvi Schreiber  is a serial Internet entrepreneur. He founded Tradeum Inc. one of the pioneers of B2B E-Commerce, which achieved revenues of over US$100m. Later on founded Unicorn Inc., sold to IBM, and G.ho.st, sold to Infinity Fund. He also was CEO of clean-tech electronics company Lightech which he sold in 2011 to General Electric (GE) Lighting. He has a PhD in Computer Science and he’s also the author of Fizz: Nothing Is as It Seems, which tells the history of physics as a novel.

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • International Air and Ocean is our focus
  • Why Zvi works in an open space not an office
  • What do to as an entrepreneur when you know most startups fail?
  • 50% of all importers still use excel sheets - how does Freightos tackle that?


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