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Psalm 150 - A Psalm of Praise

February 27, 2023 Michael Metcalf Season 10 Episode 150
Outbless Weekly
Psalm 150 - A Psalm of Praise
Show Notes

Psalm 150

A Psalm of Praise.

150 Praise the Lord!
 Praise God in His sanctuary;
 Praise Him in His mighty [c]expanse.

-          A Psalm of Praise

o   A Psalm is a song which is meant to be memorized and sang

o   This is because God doesn’t want us to forget these words

-          It’s not just any Psalm

o   It’s a Psalm of Praise

§  These are the words that we might want to use

o   It’s the last Psalm in the book of Psalms

§  150 chapters end with this one

§  3 x 50 = 150

§  Three is the number of the trinity

·       God the Father

·       God the Son

·       God the Holy Spirit

·       Three in One

§  Fifty is the number for Pentecost

·       50 days after the Jews were set free from the bondage in Egypt, God gave Moses the law

·       50 days after Jesus rose from the dead, the Holy Spirit fell of those waiting in the upper room them like cloven tongues of fire

§  5 is the number for grace

§  10 is the number for the Law and man’s responsibility to keep it

§  5 x 10 is grace multiplied which fulfills all the law

-          Praise the Lord!

o   This is the third repeat in a row (Psalm 148, 149 & 150)

o   This is not by mistake

o   Praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit

-          Praise God in His sanctuary

o   His sanctuary is the church (the ecclesia “ a gathering together”

o   Whenever we gather in Jesus name we should praise the Lord!

o   It pleases God when we praise the Lord !

o   God also tells us that our bodies are the sanctuary and that He lives in us

o   So praise the Lord from deep within you (inside your heart)

§  Singing songs and praises Him all day and night

§  When you wake up and when go to sleep

§  This attitude of gratitude and singing should always be on our heart & lips

 2 Praise Him for His mighty deeds;
 Praise Him according to His excellent greatness.

-          Praise Him for His mighty deeds

o   What are His might deeds

o   How about that He died and rose again on the 3rd day to prove He is God

o   He has risen.  He is alive. He sits on the right side of the Father even now.

o   He brought ten plagues o Egypt to cause them to let His people go

o   He killed all the first born of man and beast in the land of Egypt except those who had blood on the door posts (a symbol of the cross).

o   He parted the red sea and guided His people through on dry land safely

o   He closed the red sea and drowned the Egyptian army (Israel’s enemies)

o   He provided for millions of Jews wandering in the dessert for 40 years

§  He provided them food and water daily

§  He provided them with clouds to cool the heat during the day

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