Unbounded with Sorina Maria

The underpaid healer

June 26, 2022 Sorina Maria
Unbounded with Sorina Maria
The underpaid healer
Show Notes

If you are attracted to my work, chances are
Your soul is really really big,
Your mission is infused with the vision of the support you could facilitate for your dreams clients,
You know you are here to create something big,
However, your intentions are not fully translated into your bank account or into the current state of your coaching business.

Yesterday, when I was creating the first course ever only for coaches, I realized that I never spoke about the most underpaid category in the coaching business - the wounded codependent healer.

The wounded healer is stuck in toxic generosity. They want to give and give, but they are often massively underpaid and not seen. They most often see people who share things like "Your free content changed my life", but are rarely seen as the expansive coaches that people would hire asap. They sell from people-pleasing, and fear can be perceived underneath their selling. They have a massive heart but are often bitter because of not being rewarded for it.

In today's podcast episode, I share about how I was blown away when I uncovered I was the wounded healer and that the reason why I wasn't making sales was that most people assumed I was on Instagram "to share free content" and did not see me as someone they would pay.

Wounded healers have a tendency to overgive which causes them to be underpaid and not shine in their purpose to the extent they deserve to.

This podcast episode and the course that's coming are meant to help you turn things around and allow your outer reality and your bank account to reflect the bigness of your heart.