Unbounded with Sorina Maria

I sweared I will never invest in coaching again

September 02, 2022 Sorina Maria
Unbounded with Sorina Maria
I sweared I will never invest in coaching again
Show Notes

This episode needed to be channeled through me and it couldn't wait.

Topics mentioned:
What to do if you made bad investing decisions in coaching programs
What mistake I made as a coach teaching the money healing work

Here is the link to download Secret codes to money manifestation: http://eepurl.com/gQj_tX
Here is the video where I explain my programs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ylFa4b-od4&ab_channel=MindfulTricks. If you check the description of the video, you will see a timestamp that takes you exactly to the description of the container that is of most interest to you (as shared below)

Programs mentioned in the episode:
The Money Manifesto, digital course only: https://mindfultricks.teachable.com/p/themoneymanifesto
The Money Manifesto, live course (includes digital course + 4 Q & A) - not live yet but you can reach out on Instagram and join at pre pre-sale price

There is a bundle called The Mentorship Bundle for coaching and the discount ends in a few hours where you get The Money Manifesto AND Legacy. Check it out here: mindfultricks.teachable.com/p/the-mentorship-bundle

Other links to my work:

• The marketing, inner work + manifestation revolutionary signature course teaching you how to build your coaching legacy: https://mindfultricks.teachable.com/p/legacy

• Healing, expansion, and the nervous system - Embodied Emotional Liberation Manifesto: https://mindfultricks.teachable.com/p/embodiedemotionalliberationmanifesto

• My process for creating a digital course legacy - Leaned Back Legacy: https://mindfultricks.teachable.com/p/leanedbacklegacy

• The science of upleveling and breaking through the sticky limits that keep you at the same level: https://mindfultricks.teachable.com/p/thenextlevel