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Seph Dietlin: Let's Talk to the Angels!

February 09, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith / Seph Dietlin Episode 15
I Love It When
Seph Dietlin: Let's Talk to the Angels!
Show Notes

You're listening to I love it when... I am your host, Mo, and I'm a speaker, coach and retreat facilitator. You're in the right place if you're looking for inspiration, education and a path to find your true self. 

My intention is to bring you stories that will help you uncover the magic within so that you can truly: BE YOU. 

Did you know that I believe in Angels and I communicate with them to help guide me in my business and personal life? If not- this episode is an introduction to this part of me! I am thrilled to have Seph Dietlin, Angel Communicator, on the I love it when podcast today. My journey with religion, faith and spirituality has all happened for a very specific purpose- and I'm just beginning to realize that now. I was raised Catholic, went to a Lutheran College, dated a Nazarene, a Baptist and experienced a variety of denominations of the Christian faith. I didn't realize it at the time, but my body was trying to talk to me and share what was aligned or out of alignment. Usually I feel this in my stomach first- someone will say something and I feel my stomach drop, or occasionally my whole body will react as if it wants me to put up my hand and signal "no"!
I'm currently at a place with my beliefs that feels so much like home, and I'm just beginning to see the benefits of finally feeling aligned and free! I started paying closer attention to my body in my early 30's and finally allowed myself to explore. I gave myself permission. Give yourself permission to explore and get curious with me today πŸ™‚

The 411 on Seph:
Seph Dietlin is a Quantum Activator.  By offering Angel Channeling, Hypnotherapy and Quantum Energy Frequency he activates others to be aligned with their codes of potential.  He is the author of the Ascension with the Angles Tarot deck, the host of the Talk To My Angels Podcast, and the founder of Earth Angels International.  wwwTalkToMyAngels.com

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