I Love It When

Ankita Terrell and the Energy of Money

March 09, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith / Ankita Terrell Episode 17
I Love It When
Ankita Terrell and the Energy of Money
Show Notes

When you think about money- what's the first thought that comes up? And how does your body feel when you think about it? I knew for a long time that I wanted to change my relationship with money, but I had no idea how to even approach that learning. Bringing up the topic of money, cost, price, expense- those weren't things that other people seemed to bring up at dinner. I decided to flip the script on myself- and turn the majority of my energy and attention on money about 6 years ago. I tried a number of different budgeting apps- and I didn't really like any of them! In fact, I don't like budgets at all! And is that ok?

I met Ankita through Seph Dietlin- who you all met on my podcast a few episodes ago. I love it when... my network widens and the more I put myself out there- the more I find other humans and souls who I align with! Ankita has a lovely energy, perspective and knowledge with money, business and alignment.

The 411 on Ankita:
Ankita Terrell is a business and life coach. As a 1:1 coach, she brings her experience having worked in venture capital, for start-ups and in non-profits, including having lived full time, for three years, at a meditation retreat site in the Catskills. She now helps visionary entrepreneurs build profitable, good-for-the-world and values-aligned businesses. 
She is also the co-founder of My Founder Circle, a platform for female founders looking for community, systems, and two badass coaches who have been on both sides of raising capital, as they scale their established business.

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