I Love It When

Justin Schenck & The Growth Now Movement

March 23, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith / Justin Schenck Episode 18
I Love It When
Justin Schenck & The Growth Now Movement
Show Notes

Have you ever hit a point in your life where you decided THIS was your "rock bottom" and you were going to make the choice right here and now to change your reality? In this episode Justin shares with us about his rock bottom and how he got from that point to where he is now- with one of the top podcasts in the world!

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The 411 on Justin 👇🏼
I’m the host of the INC Magazine top rated podcast the Growth Now Movement and host of the world renowned event Growth Now Movement LIVE! But, it wasn’t always like that….
You see, if there was a senior superlative for Least Likely to Succeed, that would have been me. I found myself with a 1.7 GPA, while my mom was in the middle of a 20 year opioid battle and my dad was in jail. All signs pointed to no hope. Anyone would have said to me “you’ve got no shot, kid”.
Like most people, I thought that it was my past that defined me. Because I didn’t come from a great up bringing and didn’t have the resources so many had, that I was destined to fail. Then, at 19 years old I got introduced to personal development by a mentor of mine. I became obsessed with the idea that I have full control over the outcome of my life simply by choosing to grow. The realization that it doesn’t matter where I come, but the choices that I make today to create a better tomorrow for myself and others is all that matters, was life changing.
When I launched the Growth Now Movement podcast in 2016, I had no idea what it would become. Now it gets played in over 100 countries every single week, I speak all over the country on overcoming adversity, and most importantly, I’ve discovered that we all have the power to create our own happiness, to grow into the person we were meant to be, and that we can all create the life we truly desire. 

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