I Love It When

Latrice Williams & Her Vision

April 13, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith / Latrice Williams Episode 19
I Love It When
Latrice Williams & Her Vision
Show Notes

I was introduced to Latrice Williams through my friend and colleague, Kathleen Metcalf. Latrice has a story and vision that will inspire you to take the leap and go where you feel led in life. As she mentions at the end of the episode- the one thing you can do to help her and her mission is to look within yourself. Look within and identify where you may have some biases or any possible wrong doings you may have inflicted upon someone else. Look within and let's now move differently together and take the next opportunity you have to help someone- because that opportunity will present itself for sure.

✨The 411 on Latrice:
Managing Broker/Broker Owner of Williams Homegirl Sells with Vision Properties. We are highly focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It means a lot to me that I am the first female, black owned brokerage in Spokane, Wa. Being a black woman, formerly incarcerated, my chances of just even rehabilitating were slim...But God. 
I am striving and thriving. I have been given access to a door that I now am coaching and training others to enter. I am holding the door wide open for them...and I ain't tired yet! This is just the beginning. 


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