I Love It When

Jess Williams & Self Love

May 11, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith / Jess Williams Episode 21
I Love It When
Jess Williams & Self Love
Show Notes

How do you express love to yourself? How do you KNOW when you truly love yourself? Meet Jess Williams- he has been an integral part of my journey these past 3 years. I intentionally asked him to come on the podcast to speak on self love because I know how much he has grown in his journey to love himself. I love talking with Jess because he brings a level of curiosity to the conversation that challenges me to ponder, question, and perhaps gain a new perspective. Today- I'd love to challenge you to think about how you show yourself love on a daily basis. What could you do to love yourself just a little bit more today? What if... the more you loved yourself- the better your life became?

The 411 on Jess:
Jess Williams is a Washington native who currently lives in San Francisco where he has been selling residential real estate for the past 10 years.  Jess recently embarked on a journey of how to learn to love himself after experiencing a series of life events the past two years that the pandemic intensified. After a major depressive episode, and his subsequent release of resistance, Jess understood that the quality of his personal and professional relationships would begin to improve only when he started to love himself.  This episode is the beginning of Jess’s journey on how it can be done.

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