I Love It When

Haley Anderson & Confronting Fear

May 25, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith / Haley Anderson Episode 22
I Love It When
Haley Anderson & Confronting Fear
Show Notes

I met Haley about two years ago- and in this short amount of time I've seen her confront fear and JUMP on multiple occasions now. I LOVE it when I have the opportunity to witness someone grow beyond what they thought was possible. Haley has inspired me- and I know her story will inspire someone who listens today. In this episode we talk about:

How Haley has overcome a traumatic brain injury to create a life by design- and a life that she loves.

Haley shares some tips for what she did to keep a positive outlook despite a doctor telling her that she would never recover and would need 24/7 care and assistance.

How Haley learned to use her intuition- and what that feels like/looks like for her.

What drew her to Real Estate and why you should reach out and connect with Haley for any Real Estate needs in WA state.

One of the things I love about Haley is her curiosity and how she is consistently re-working definitions in her life. I'd like you to consider your definitions while listening to this episode. And if you're open to it- allow yourself to PLAY with the idea that today.... just for today.... you could re-define one concept for yourself. To lean a little bit further into loving YOU and choosing loving yourself first.

✨The 411 on Haley:
Haley Anderson is a multi-talented professional with a wealth of experience in the home renovation, real estate sales, and real estate investment industries. With over 10 years of experience as the assistant to the CEO and CFO of a local home renovation business, Haley developed a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the home renovation process. She has spent 2 years as a realtor, where she has honed her expertise in marketing, negotiating, and closing deals. As a real estate investor, Haley leverages her knowledge of the market to identify and pursue profitable investment opportunities for herself and her clients.
When Haley isn't busy with work, she enjoys practicing yoga, traveling, and cooking delicious gluten-free pasta dishes. She has a passion for gardening and hopes to soon have chickens, a greenhouse, and honey bee hives. Additionally, she aspires to develop her own tiny house community, where individuals can live in sustainable and affordable housing.
Go follow Haley here on Instagram: @homesbyhaleyllc


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