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Mike Swenson & Investing in Real Estate

June 08, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith / Mike Swenson Episode 23
I Love It When
Mike Swenson & Investing in Real Estate
Show Notes

There is always an option- there is always a way. I used a loan called the FHA203K loan to purchase and rehab two different duplexes- my first home was one of those. I put 3.5% down on a $300,000 duplex and had about $22,000 built into the loan to use to rehab the house before I moved in. I did the same thing 3 years later- but this time I did $200,000+ rehab (EPIC!) on a duplex. You can find a video on my YouTube channel all about my journey. Today on the podcast I'm excited for you all to meet Mike Swenson. I LOVE introducing you to humans who have awesome information to share. The more you know- the more you know! Ask all the questions you might have- reach out to myself/Mike. I never thought I would be able to purchase a house on a single income- let alone rehab it.

✨ The 411 on Mike:
Mike has been in the real estate industry in various forms since he became an accidental landlord back in 2010.

Currently he serves as Founder & CEO of Elite Advantage Team, an investor-focused real estate team serving Minnesota, as well as Founder & CEO of Elite Advantage Properties, a real estate investment company specializing in large multi-family investments. In addition to that, Mike is the host of the REL Freedom Podcast, with a mission to help listeners build Real Estate Leveraged Freedom of their time and finances through opportunities in the real estate. He also leads the REL Freedom Investor Agent Tribe, a membership community and mastermind group designed to help real estate agents build and grow their own investment portfolios. In 2022, Mike and his team helped investors acquire 111 doors varying from single-family, multi-family, short-term, and mid-term rentals. Outside of real estate, Mike is a sports-enthusiast (for better or worse following his beloved Minnesota sports teams), and loves spending time with his wife and 3 sons.


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