I Love It When

Mary Ann: Founder of Ignited Soul

July 13, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith / Mary Ann Stancel Episode 25
I Love It When
Mary Ann: Founder of Ignited Soul
Show Notes

I love it when... I have the opportunity to bring a guest on my podcast who could expand your definition of what is possible! Mary Ann's experience and story as a Nurse and Energy Healer really speaks to the power we all hold within ourselves to heal. I believe in Mary Ann's work, her pure intentions and integrity- and I want YOU to experience her energy as well!

In this episode we dive into what led her to become a nurse and want to be of service to people, all the different modalities she utilizes as an Energy Healer, and her Ascend Retreat she has coming up in August (+ how you can attend!). If you know nothing about energy healing, that's 100% ok! Part of my intention is that through episodes like this one you'll start to learn more about your power as a healer and you'll have people like Mary Ann to reach out to for guidance, support and growth! I can't wait for you to experience her healing presence.

The 411 on Mary Ann:

Mary Ann Stancel, is a highly experienced and compassionate Multidimensional MultiRacial Nurse Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Guide, and the founder of Ignited Soul. With a deep commitment to healing and transformation, MaryAnn holds sacred space for individuals and groups, supporting them in their journey to heal their hearts, release emotions and energy, and embrace freedom, happiness, and alignment in their lives.

Through her healing sessions and insightful messages, MaryAnn empowers and guides others to reclaim their power, find their voice, and connect with their hearts and intuition. With a foundation rooted in love, she believes that everyone possesses the innate ability to heal and become their own healer.

Her training is in: Aura Institute Trauma Informed Practitioner Level 1, Usui Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, Seichim Reiki Master, Flow Breathwork Certified, Sound Healer Certified, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Certified, Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Registered Nurse for over 11 years, Meditation Mindfulness Facilitator certified, life training, work with elders and teachers on plants and holding sacred spaces.

In her practice, MaryAnn pays deep respect and honor to the lineages, land, ancestors, spirits, Mother Earth, energy, and medicinal plants from which she has learned, received guidance, and found support. She acknowledges the ongoing evolution and growth in her journey, always welcoming new insights and opportunities for expansion.

MaryAnn invites individuals to embark on a profound healing journey with her, where they can reconnect with their true selves, access their inner wisdom, and experience the transformative power of love and energetic healing.

Go visit Mary Ann's website and sign up for a session today: www.theignitedsoul.com/ 

My intention is to bring you stories that will help you uncover the magic within so that you can truly: BE YOU. 

I love it when... I have the opportunity to learn a new perspective!

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