I Love It When

Melissa Weidling & Sweet Surrender

July 27, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith / Melissa Weidling Episode 26
I Love It When
Melissa Weidling & Sweet Surrender
Show Notes

Recognizing fear and deciding to take action despite that fear- this is something I've seen Melissa Weidling do multiple times now. Melissa followed her intuition and left the Real Estate Industry in October 2022 to start her company, Butterfly Thistle. Melissa is an Energy Alchemist and offers Human Design Readings, Energy Healing and Coaching/Consulting for people in the Real Estate Industry. I asked her to be on my podcast because Melissa has a perspective and voice that I believe needs to be heard by more people. She is not often the person who will put herself up on stage to speak- and thus I feel compelled to do so. Melissa's insights, thoughts and knowledge have given me so much peace, joy and delight over the 7 years that I've known her now. At one point Melissa said to me "Mo, I'm gonna borrow your belief in me." Melissa, you can borrow that belief whenever you need to- the world needs more of you!

The 411 on Melissa:

Fascinated by the world and deeply compassionate about people, Melissa Weidling is a creative, intuitive business owner offering holistic energy alchemy work through the use of Human Design, coaching, EFT tapping, sound healing, aromatherapy, energy work, and more.

Her career began in executive support in banking, and then nonprofits, and she finally found her entrepreneurial spirit after spending many years in the operations side of real estate. Though technically successful, a lifelong sense of being lost and feeling invisible led her to therapy, self-discovery work, and healing. It was finally clear that the first half of her life had been spent living out the conditioning we’re all inevitably exposed to, hustling for scraps of love. Stumbling along the way turned into clearer perspective, self-love, and reconnection with her inner wisdom - the spark needed to find her way back to home, to herself. 

Committed to living the next half of her life in full alignment with her soul, she’s found the right people, practices, and habits that support her in embracing the fullness of her voice, talents and gifts. Helping others do the same is not only her passion, it’s her purpose. Please reach out- I'd love to work with you and help you find the same healing and peace!

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