I Love It When

Royce Wilson & the Transformative Power of Wonder: Part 2 of 2

October 12, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith & Royce Wilson Episode 31
I Love It When
Royce Wilson & the Transformative Power of Wonder: Part 2 of 2
Show Notes

I invited my friend Deanne Wilson over to my house for dinner a few years ago- and she brought her husband, Royce, with her. I invited her over because she had said to me in passing that she had seen angels before. If you've been following my podcast, you already know that I have a passion and curiosity for all things unseen. The moment I met Royce I knew he had a message for me- and over the course of the next few hours I was completely enthralled with our conversation. I had never met a pastor before who I could talk with so openly about angels, spirits, God, universe, messages and more. I knew I wanted Royce as a guest on my podcast. I am PASSIONATE about helping us all to see our connection to one another. Many times we use different words/vocabulary and yet we actually MEAN the SAME THING! If we take the time to pause, listen and learn- we would come to realize how interconnected we are- and it would allow the layers of programming/conditioning to fall away. I had to break this episode into two separate sessions as Royce and I could talk for hours. I can't WAIT. Take a listen and let me know what you learn!

The 411 on Royce:

Meet Royce Wilson, a seasoned “wonder guide” with experience spanning over 30 years, dedicated to coaching, teaching, training, and empowering individuals on their path to realization of their potential. Royce's deep-rooted passion for adventure, coupled with his avid mountaineering pursuits, reflects his belief in the transformative power of wonder. For him, wonder is the catalyst for progress, the magic that fuels the next step. Residing with his family near the mountains in Monroe, WA, he continues to adventure while guiding others to embrace wonder; embarking on their own extraordinary journeys of personal growth.

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My intention is to bring you stories that will help you uncover the magic within so that you can truly: BE YOU. 

I love it when... I have the opportunity to learn a new perspective!


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