I Love It When

Solo with Mo: Raise Awareness & Embody The Work

October 26, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith Episode 32
I Love It When
Solo with Mo: Raise Awareness & Embody The Work
Show Notes

I was 10 minutes into my meditation when I heard a loud noise come from the other room. I knew there wasn't anyone else in the house- and it was most likely my refrigerator making one of its infrequent, bizarre noises. As I heard it happening- I felt this intense jolt of energy run from my lower stomach- all the way up past my heart- almost to my throat. Woah.... what the heck was that?! I realized I had just felt a jolt of adrenaline release from my abdomen- and I was shocked by the intensity of it.

In today's episode, I share with you two recent events that have led to new levels of awareness for me. Beyond that, I also dive into what it means to embody "the work". In order to embody or integrate new learning- it's necessary to interact with other humans. This interaction will lead to new opportunities for higher learning- that higher learning could involve having hard/difficult/frustrating/vulnerable conversations with people- let's embrace this part of the work! I see so many people who stay stuck in the learning arena- refusing to truly integrate and embody.

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