I Love It When

Yesenia: Life Ink By Bee

November 09, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith & Yesenia Huesca Episode 33
I Love It When
Yesenia: Life Ink By Bee
Show Notes

I knew I wanted to have Yesenia on my podcast the moment I met her. She has a fabulous, calming presence and a studio in downtown Everett, WA that you HAVE to check out when you're in the area. She provides sugaring, lip blush tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, scar camouflage, areola restoration, lash lifts, meditation 1:1 or in groups + she will co-host events with sound healers/breakthwork practitioners and more! She is also available to speak for local businesses and events- I highly recommend connecting with her.

In today's episode, we talk about:
• Her journey to opening a wellness studio
• How she defines and utilizes her intuition
• How she experiences the unseen in little and big ways
• The various ways you can work with Yesenia as an individual, business and community member!

The 411 on Yesenia:
My name is Yesenia Huesca, I own and operate a personal wellness studio located in downtown Everett, WA.

I am passionate about all things that bring us closer into balance, while navigating our individual realities daily demands. I strive to create an atmosphere of safety, freedom of expression, and self love in my studio and through my various offerings which include cosmetic tattooing, organic hair removal and aim to help strengthen our communities spiritual immune system through mindfulness practices, breathwork and meditation.

Prior to being in personal wellness (for the last 7 years), my career as a language interpreter which has spanned over 18+ years has taken me to many interesting places as well as meeting equally wonderful people from all walks of life. This has allowed me to observe and learn how collectively although we are very different from one another, we are very similar in our joys, our pain, trauma, fears, anxiety and unrest. 

I believe it is through our shared and acknowledged feelings that we can further develop a greater compassion and grace for oneself and each other. 



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