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Wil Johnson: Building Bridges & Belonging

November 23, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith & Wil Johnson Episode 34
I Love It When
Wil Johnson: Building Bridges & Belonging
Show Notes

I met Wil at a local networking group called "Engage Snohomish". One of the things we talked about is how we both enjoy having deeper conversations- we can't just scratch the surface. I knew I wanted to have Wil on my podcast to share more about his journey and how he came to work for the Snohomish School District. In today's episode here's a sneak peek at some of what we cover:

  1. The importance of creating spaces of belonging- wherever we are.
  2. What's the motivation behind the behavior that leads to discrimination and exclusion in our communities?
  3. Self awareness and letting go of your ego.
  4. What can we do as individuals to be more inclusive?
  5. The podcast he's starting in November/December and his upcoming book!

The 411 on Wil:
When there is a bridge that needs to be built, Wil Johnson finds a way. Wil’s passion lies in making connections, whether it’s between people, concepts, or navigating the path from problem to solution. Wil currently serves as an education administrator and consultant specializing in equity and inclusion. His professional background includes working as a behavior interventionist, special education teacher, debate and football coach, along with serving as a medical specialist in the army.  When not working to educate the world, Wil enjoys listening to music, traveling, and meeting new people.

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For more information check out the Snohomish School District website here
➡️ https://www.sno.wednet.edu/equityandinclusion

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