I Love It When

Crystal Novak: Psychic, Medium & Energy Healer

December 14, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith & Crystal Novak Episode 35
I Love It When
Crystal Novak: Psychic, Medium & Energy Healer
Show Notes

Meet my friend, Crystal Novak, a psychic, medium and energy healer. And no, she doesn't read people's minds and see all your business.๐Ÿ™‚ One thing I want to mention and be clear about with psychics: people are often afraid that they're going to look at you and know or see EVERYTHING. That isn't true. Every psychic I've met and trusted - that isn't something they WANT at all. I believe the best psychics are the ones that explain they can't just read your energy without your permission + they can't predict the future. You have free will.

In this episode we talk about:
-When Crystal first noticed her connection to Spirit.
-How she developed her gifts.
-The difference between a psychic, medium and energy healer.
-Why it can be hard to come out of the "spiritual closet".
-How to develop and work with your intuition.

The 411 on Crystal: I am a healer which I utilize by being a psychic and an energy worker.  The information I receive psychically comes from Spirit and from whatever Source that is appropriate for the person I am working with.  That can be from passed on loved ones, Angels, Teachers, Masters, Guides, your/my Higher Self and so on.  I share this information with you so that you may incorporate it into your life experience and be able to take steps to heal whatever has been brought to the surface during this work.  While I have had these gifts since I was a small child, I kept them to myself once I realized others didn't have these assets and to keep myself safe.  In my early 20's, I began to slowly open to others about my abilities using more discernment than I had as a child.  Additionally, I began the long process of doing my own interpersonal healing from childhood trauma.  I continue to do that to this day as I have realized I can't give what I don't have and I can't take another where I haven't been.  The more internally clear I become, the greater clarity I can use to express my abilities and become even more proficient in their expression.  I am called to Service to support others who are looking to gain their own clarity and integration of Self. I feel honored to witness and be a part of another's healing journey.  It is what I am here to do.  Divine intervention and support appeared in the form of a channeled meditation/study group, which was channeled and led by an ascended Master.  This class met weekly for 35 years.  I gained tremendous knowledge, tools and experience through experience, which I continue to utilize and share.  I am currently working on creating a platform to share this knowledge.

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