I Love It When

Solo with Mo: Don't Discount Your Magic

December 28, 2023 Margaret "Mo" Smith Episode 36
I Love It When
Solo with Mo: Don't Discount Your Magic
Show Notes

I was standing in a kitchen- looking out to a yard on my right. I could see a woman standing alongside a fence line- getting ready to run to the front of the house.

In the kitchen to my right was my friend Leila- next to her was a woman I didn't know.

I stepped in front of this woman- raised my right hand up over her third eye and started speaking positive affirmations into her. "You are LOVE. You are GRACE. You are POWERFUL." As I was saying these affirmations I realized my feet were up off the ground and I was now floating- with my feet up behind me- horizontal to the ground. In the next moment I knew it was time to leave. I turned to my right and jumped down a spiral staircase- three levels down to the first floor. Waiting at the door was one of my Spirit Guides. They opened the door and gestured for me to leave in this direction.

I woke up. I was back in my bed in Hawaii- and thinking it was about time I started to write these dreams down.

In today's episode- the last episode of 2023- I share:
•The tool I use for myself and clients to reflect on the past year.
•Some of the top lessons I've learned over the last 12 months... (asking for help is part of being human!)
•I end by pulling 3 Angel cards for us for 2024 from my favorite Kyle Gray deck.

If you'd like the 2023 Reflection PDF that I mention in today's episode, just email me: Mo@iloveitwhen.org.

Thank you for listening. I love it when... I have the opportunity to connect with you.

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