I Love It When

Bhadra Hinker & The Journey to Heal Herself

January 11, 2024 Margaret "Mo" Smith & Bhadra Hinker Episode 37
I Love It When
Bhadra Hinker & The Journey to Heal Herself
Show Notes

I have an obsession... when I discover or learn something new that is transformative- I have to share it! In today's episode you have the opportunity to meet my friend, Bhadra Hinker. Through her story I hope you lean in, learn something new and discover something new about yourself.

In this episode we talk about:
•her journey to heal from a genetic tumor disorder, life-threatening mold toxicity, Lyme disease and much more.
• how she found the LifeWave patches and began to see a rapid change in her body.
• what the patches are and how they work!
• how her intuition and connection to Spirit has evolved through her journey.

The 411 on Bhadra:
As a Wellness Advocate and Energy Healer, I discovered my passion for helping people learn how to heal themselves, through my own personal health challenges.

After experiencing life-threatening mold toxicity, a genetic tumor disorder, Lyme disease and much more, I knew that standard Western-style medicine practices were not the path that I needed to truly heal my body, mind and spirit.

As a former school teacher, turned Frequency Practitioner, I guide and support people as they learn how to heal themselves holistically, using phototherapy combined with diet and lifestyle changes, mindful meditation, love and other holistic modalities.

Many people realize that perpetually using pharmaceuticals for chronic pain and disease is not the path to wellness, but are not sure where to turn next. I offer guidance on how to find and use the “tools” that support you as you learn to heal your own body without the use of drugs and chemicals.

My joy and passion come from guiding people to reclaim their sense of adventure and joy through connection and good health, as they learn how to heal their body, mind and spirit, all at the same time.

In my spare time, I enjoy teaching line dancing, practicing yoga, journaling and spending time in nature with my husband and two adult daughters.

To connect with Bhadra you can email her: wendiferh@yahoo.com, call/text: 805-878-9120 or visit her website: https://lifewave.com/bhadrahinker


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