I Love It When

Kiana Njie: Founder of Urban Yogis

February 08, 2024 Margaret "Mo" Smith & Kiana Njie Episode 38
I Love It When
Kiana Njie: Founder of Urban Yogis
Show Notes

I first met Kiana when I asked her if I could co-host a class at her yoga studio in downtown Everett, WA. 

She said yes and then during the class we had a meditation where I felt very much led to connect with her over coffee, and I'm so glad we have!

In this episode we talk about:
What brought Kiana to yoga
• Why she chose to start a yoga studio in downtown Everett, WA
• How yoga helped her hear and connect with her intuition more deeply
• Her top 2-3 tips on how to connect with your intuition
• The location for the next Urban Yogis retreat!

Here's the 411 on Kiana:
I started Urban Yogis to continue growing a community of like minded humans to have a space to gather,  to deepen their practice, have meaningful conversations, and make life long lasting friendships. Creating space where you can unplug and reclaim your connection from within.

As a passionate yoga instructor, it fuels my soul guiding students through the transformative practice of yoga. With a specialization in restorative yoga I focus on creating a nurturing space that allows individuals to find solace, strength, and release within themselves. My classes are more than physical movements; they're an invitation for empowerment, encouraging students to delve deeper into their practice, discover their inner strength, and stand in their power on and off the mat! 

Through blends of poses, breathwork, and mindfulness, I aim to help people sink into the profound depths of their own practice, fostering a journey of self-discovery and well-being. I love to teach a fiery Hatha, but I live to bring you zen!

I welcome you to listen to this episode with a curious mind- what do you feel in your body?

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