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The Power of Play with Tom Harrison

February 22, 2024 Margaret "Mo" Smith & Tom Harrison Episode 39
I Love It When
The Power of Play with Tom Harrison
Show Notes

Episode just dropped! My partner Tom just had to close down his retail storefront business, MyMyToyStore- and is now launching “Planet Mynd Play Lab”. I wanted to have him share more about how this has happened over the last few weeks and have him give us the juicy details on his new venture!

From Tom:
“While operating a retail storefront these past two years, it became clear that I had far more fun connecting with visitors than selling shiny new product. I am closing MyMytoyStore as a retail storefront to fully launch Planet Mynd Play Lab. Planet Mynd realizes my core belief in the transformative power of play. Through in-person play events, workshops, educational demos, and blaster league competitions, Planet Mynd will show how active play always beats passive content consumption, that in-person is always better than virtual, and that hanging out over a beer is always better AFTER play, not instead of. Play naturally teaches us to live communally with one another and calms our nervous systems. It’s also really, really fun!

Planet Mynd will allow me to use my 52 years of life experience— comic book reader, sci-fi & fantasy reader, D&D player (always warrior/thief), Division 1 swimmer, Ivy League economics graduate, litigation attorney, father, marketer, trauma survivor, academic coach, corporate facilitator, public speaker, swimming coach, corporate trainer, event organizer, community organizer, fiction writer, and now foam dart blaster modder— and pour it into play events and game experiences that will light up the best parts of ourselves. The first events will launch at the Snohomish Sports Dome in downtown Snohomish starting in March.

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